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One of
Lansing’s landmarks, The Arbaugh Building, has undergone extensive renovation.  Preserving as many details of the original 1905 building, that once was an anchor in the central business district of downtown Lansing, was one of the goals of this project as approximately 100,000 square feet of space was renovated and restored to it’s original architectural beauty and elegance. 

The first floor of the building is being used for commercial space while the existing basement has been renovated into a parking garage and connected to a new parking structure for tenant use.  The upper four floors consist of 48 loft apartments.  All apartments have been equipped with stainless appliances, granite countertops, washers and dryers, a high speed internet/cable TV/telephone package, and proximity card security entries.  All of the exterior walls of the apartments are the original brick, with arch top windows and the fifth floor features 15 foot ceilings with the original wood framing.  Every apartment has a great view of downtown Lansing.


Designed as an upscale 2 story multi tenant office building.  This building features crisp brick detailing and plentiful windows.  The lobby features an open stairwell over the first floor.  The tile floors, art pieces and accent lighting complete the feeling of luxury and elegance for the visitor.  All of the suites enjoy great views to a natural area that surrounds the building. 


Originally built in 1916 and designed by the noted architect Albert Kahn, this industrial building was designed to house the Motor Wheel Company.  Utilizing a unique technology for the time incorporating reinforced concrete, the building was able to minimize the number of columns providing for wide open floor plans and also allowing for large window openings within the exterior walls.  These two elements provided the perfect palette for its adaptation to an urban loft project.

With its 119 loft apartments and its secure underground parking, the Motor Wheel loft project has provided central Michigan a real taste of urban loft living. The floor plans are defined by an architectural philosophy that allows for the individual to define their space rather than the building defining the space for them.  With its exposed concrete floors and columns contrasted with the sharp crisp lines of the new walls, doors and fixtures these lofts have proven to be immensely popular with the Lansing market.

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